World Conference of Friends 2012


Study Booklet


The Study Booklet for the World Conference is offered as a resource to all Friends everywhere, whether or not they attended. It can be read online or downloaded. 

The booklet contains extracts from longer pieces written by Friends from all over the world, and from varying Quaker traditions. These shorter reflections are offered to allow for focussed reflection on particular aspects of the Conference theme, either alone or in small groups. The full text of each contribution is available online, either via the links below or by clicking on the author's name while reading the booklet online.

We have delberately not been proscriptive in how this booklet is used. Your meeting, church or other group may wish to hold several sessions to look at each aspect of the theme in greater depth, or you may wish to focus on the area that interests you most in a single session. Or you may wish to do something in between.

Whether or not you attended the Conference, we hope that you will find this booklet useful, and we thank our contributors for their inspirational messages.

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Contributors in alphabetical order


Esteban Ajnota   L. Frederick Allen   Nelson Ayala   Micah Bales   Kathy Bergen   Brent Bill   Andreas Brand   Simon Bulimo


Abraham R. Carrillo A.   Tina Coffin   Betsy Coville   Algis Davidavicius   Misha Elizbarashvili   David Finke   Carol Holmes


Marvin Hubbard   Florence Irungu   Jalka   John Kidake   Trish Edward Konic   Marit Kromberg   Bongsoo Kwag   Z I Malenge


Ronald Rudy Ramos Méndez   Susan McCracken   Retha McCutchen   Kevin Mortimer   Kees Nieuwerth   Linda Olsvig-Whittaker


Ariel G. Bautista Osorio   Thomas Owen   Jorge Luis Peña Reyes   Ben Richmond   Oliver Kisaka Simiyu   Bhaskar Sonkamble


Carole Spencer   Arne Springorum   Julian Stargardt   Katie Terrell   David Tintaya   Natasha Zhuravenkova